Bittium Tactical LTE Access Point™

Stand-alone LTE hotspot for tactical use.


Bittium Tactical LTE Access Point brings high-speed multimedia data and VoIP services for troops in the field at a reasonable cost. It is fully integrated with Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network™ (TAC WIN), enables use of multiple parallel LTE hotspots, and integrates seamlessly to any IP network. Bittium Tactical LTE Access Point supports both off-the-shelf LTE devices as well as rugged special terminals designed to be used in the battlefield. It is also fully compatible with the secure and rugged Bittium Tough Mobile™ LTE smartphone.


Rapidly Deployable

Rapid and easy deployment with mast/wall mounting options

Supports Also COTS Terminals

Supports both rugged special terminals and commercial off-the-shelf LTE mobile devices

Optimized SWaP

System size, weight and power optimized for the battlefield


No need for connectivity to fixed networks

Integrated VoIP Service

Stand-alone VoIP service for LTE users with Bittium Tough VoIP Service™

Supports Multiple LTE Frequency Bands

Read more about the available frequency variants from the datasheet

Use Case Examples

Operation center access point

Tactical mobile hot spot for soldiers, border control and public safety

Temporary deployments

Disaster area hot spots

Video surveillance