LTE & Dual-Mode Critical Communications


Public Safety operators are transferring from narrowband to broadband data transfer and communications, and new types of solutions are needed to ensure secure and uninterrupted connectivity in critical situations. Bittium provides secure mobile devices and connectivity solutions that are built for the purpose and enable mission critical communications even in the most demanding conditions.

Secure Mission Critical LTE Communications

The secure Bittium Tough Mobile™ LTE smartphone is packed with innovative features that make it a perfect tool for authorities, first responders and other professionals with the need of communicating securely and reliably. Complement the device with software products, such as Bittium Secure Suite™ and Bittium SafeMove® Analytics, to make it a complete solution for mission critical communications.

Bridge the Gap Between TETRA and LTE

For an easy and efficient transition from using TETRA/PMR networks to using LTE networks, Bittium provides an innovative Bittium Tough Mobile HybridX™ dual-mode solution that combines mission critical voice over tactical or PMR networks with the application capabilities and high speed data of an LTE smartphone in a single rugged handset.

Intelligent Monitoring and Analyzing of Network Performance and Device Fleet

Real-time and historical information about the device fleet's whereabouts and connectivity status helps you understand where, when and how your devices are being used. The relevant, accurate data provided by Bittium SafeMove Analytics allows making fact-based decisions in order to improve efficiency and user experience.