Bittium Tough Mobile HybridX™

Combine mission critical voice over PMR or tactical networks with an LTE smartphone in a single rugged handset.


Bittium Tough Mobile HybridX is a solution that combines mission critical voice over tactical or PMR networks with the application capabilities and high speed data of the Bittium Tough Mobile LTE smartphone in a single rugged handset.

The voice communication can remain in the tactical or PMR network and be operated with the speaker microphone while the high speed data and a modern touch screen user interface are provided by the rugged Bittium Tough Mobile LTE smartphone. Bittium Tough Mobile HybridX combines both sides of professional communication in a single rugged handset. In addition to the voice and data communication, the Bittium Tough Mobile HybridX offers an optional body-worn camera capability.


Secure Communications

Secured mission critical communications in LTE, PMR and tactical networks

Cable to PMR/tactical Terminal

Secure cable connection to tactical or PMR terminal.

Clear and Loud Audio

Clear and loud audio when transmitting and receiving.

Large Buttons

Large buttons for convenient operation event with gloves on (PTT, support for secondary PTT, etc.)

High-Speed Data

High-speed secure data through LTE network.

Glove-Usable Display

Glove-usable touch screen providing easy access to applications.

Wide-Angle Lens

170 degree wide-angle lens for body-worn camera functionality together with a holder for charging. 

Real-Time Video

 Capability to stream real-time video.

Rugged Design

Rugged design protecting from water and dust.

Bridge the Gap between TETRA and LTE



World's most secure mobile platform Bittium Tough Mobile with a hardened Android OS for secured mission critical communications.


Combines Bittium Tough Mobile's high speed LTE data applications and access to tactical or PMR networks, and body-worn camera in a single rugged handset.


Large buttons for PTT operation even with gloves on. Support for simultaneous secondary PTT.

Body Camera

Body-worn camera with possibility to stream real-time video, with an option for 170 degree wide-angle lens. 

Clear & Loud Audio

Clear and loud audio with speaker microphone for transmitting and receiving critical voice communication.

Optional Features

  • Proprietary charging holder for convenient carrying and keeping the touch screen protected.
  • Charging holder can be equipped with a 170 degree extra wide angle lens for the body-worn camera.

Use Cases

Integrated Gateway

Bittium Tough Mobile HybridX acts as a gateway by enabling communications between LTE and TETRA terminals and connecting LTE and TETRA talk groups.

Body-Worn Camera

Body-worn camera use cases with capability to stream and store real-time video for situational awareness to incident commander.

Communication Between LTE and Tactical Talk Groups

Integrated gateway functionality for connecting LTE and tactical networks

Covert Operation & Borderless Communications

Access TETRA groups with smartphones and extend TETRA groups over cellular networks