Mature technology components from the SafeMove® product suite are also available for OEMs to integrate into their own products. The OEM can choose to integrate all toolkit components or adopt them one by one. Bittium offers a range of R&D and NRE services for optimizing the toolkit into specific business case of the OEM´s domain.

Additionally Bittium can provide a wide range of professional services support for environment deployments and operations & maintenance.

Uninterrupted Connectivity for Mobile Applications and Environments .

Bittium SafeMove® Mobile Router Toolkit

Bittium SafeMove® Mobile Router Toolkit ensures uninterrupted connectivity for mobile applications and environments where secondary links are used for resilience and availability. It is a set of mature software components that allow manufacturers of vehicular routers, cellular routers and multichannel routers to introduce solid network security, uninterrupted connectivity, seamless network switching, centralized router management and visual connectivity analytics components into their product offering.

Toolkit Components:

  • Bittium Mobile IP Mobile Router for seamless uplink handovers, mobile network reachability and link aggregation
  • Bittium SafeMove® Mobile VPN for network security and protecting data in motion
  • Bittium SafeMove® Manager Toolkit for Mobile Routers for centralized configuration and monitoring of mobile routers
  • Bittium SafeMove® Analytics for comprehensive data collection, monitoring, analysis and visualization of connectivity and performance of mobile routers and all system components.

Mobile Router Toolkit Benefits

Uninterrupted Seamless Connectivity

SafeMove® Mobile Router toolkit is ideal for multichannel routers and it provides uninterrupted, seamless connectivity for the router and any devices the router serves. Mission critical applications are always connected using the best available link.

Multilink Bonding

With advanced link aggregation features, multichannel routers take advantage of all the modems and links included in the router. The link aggregation not only provides you with maximum throughput, but also allows your sessions to seamlessly, transparently and dynamically move from one link to another as the link capabilities change.

Solid Security and Network Traffic Confidentiality

SafeMove® MRTK's VPN component provides high throughput and strong security with modern cryptography options and NSA Suite B compliant encryption and authentication capabilities. VPN tunnels benefit from SafeMove® MRTK´s advanced mobility management and are not affected by link changes.

Device Management

With the SafeMove® Manager toolkit, you can keep your routers in control, always up-to-date and always protected. You are able to update the configurations and policies remotely. Routers will report back to the SafeMove® Manager, which will allow operators and administrators to maintain visibility over the router fleet in an easy to use web user interface with full mapping support.

Analytics for Assured Field Performance

With the SafeMove® Analytics SDK integrated in the router, you'll get facts and visibility of the level of connectivity your router provides. Measure and analyze the mobile performance and learn about the areas where you get poor coverage, identify potential problems, and make informed decisions in order to further optimize connectivity. 

Scalable Client/Server Solution

The SafeMove® MRTK is a client/server software solution. The client components can be embedded into multichannel router hardware to provide seamless and reliable switching between the best available broadband data networks. The server software consists of components that can be clustered for load balancing and high availability.

Bittium SafeMove® Field Office Router

The Bittium SafeMove® Field Office Router provides secure and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for stationary and moving vehicles as well as at temporary sites. The Field Office Router is a briefcase based SafeMove® extender, which is easy to transport and use – all that is needed is to connect it to power.

The router includes three mobile data modem uplinks with built-in hi gain antennas, enabling automatic selection of the best available network from multiple network operators. It acts as a Wi-Fi access point and includes two LAN ports for local connectivity, and includes AC and car power connectors.

Field Office Router Benefits

Highest Possible Data Connection Availability

Combining the availability of up to three freely selected networks for broadband access. Load sharing.

Maximizing Data Connection Capacity

Flexible network usage. Supports networks slicing for operator specific prioritization. Load sharing possibility.

Completely Secure

The connection is always protected by up-to-date VPN techniques. OTA remote manager used for configurations and updates.


Subscription costs can be optimized using alternative links. Fast to install and operate due to OTA approach.

Future Proof

Supports a wide variety of wireless network technologies. Easy to upgrade for new networks with just embedded mobile terminal change.

Optimized Operational Costs

Comprehensive OTA remote management, diagnostics and configuration.

Maximising Data Connection Capacity