Always-on Connectivity for Field Workers

A constant high-quality connection is a key factor in efficient remote access. This is true for business laptop remote working, but even more so in field service applications, such as work scheduling etc. Working in remote locations, often in hostile and challenging environments with limited wireless coverage can frustrate even the most tech savvy employee, resulting in lost time and productivity. Sound familiar?

Based on a long experience with remote access solutions, we at Bittium understand not only the needs of field engineers, but also the key challenges that companies face when mobilising business processes, such as:

  • How do you maintain control of your remote workforce when they are away from the office?
  • How do you ensure end-users can utilise all connectivity opportunities AND still guarantee data-integrity over all these (unknown) networks?
  • How do you ensure that users automatically utilise the most cost effective network according to your own definition?
  • How do you ensure that your users always have a seamless and persistent connection?
  • How do you ensure that your chosen technology does not compromise end-user experience and thus productivity?

If you have experienced some of these challenges at your work environment, we would be happy to help you to solve the problems. With Bittium SafeMoveŽMobile VPN, all field service personnel can enjoy hassle-free, zero-click access to the best available network wherever their work takes them. Once connected, moving from one network to another is transparent and requires no user involvement whatsoever. Workers need only focus on their work and not on connectivity issues.

A Constant High-Quality Connection Is a Key Factor in Efficient Remote Access.

“Reliable, easy to use field connectivity is key to our mobile workforce. The Bittium SafeMove® solution gives us unprecedented visibility into the performance of our ToughPad devices and the available networks allowing our team to optimize device settings and select the best networks available. With connectivity now above 95% we are seeing significant improvement in our service levels.”

Adrian Capp, Mobile Systems Manager, UK Power Networks



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