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Engineering Partner for Automotive Industry Evolution

We at Bittium accelerate the automotive industry evolution by leveraging our expertise in Android and Linux as well as our over 30-year track record in wireless connectivity. Our high-quality solutions and services for connected vehicles help automotive industry suppliers to create secure, reliable, and intelligent vehicle systems with shorter time to market. 

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V2X Connectivity Development

Android™ Customization and Integration Capability

Secure Vehicle Management & Connectivity

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"Our highly skilled experts are here to help. We adapt our services to meet the needs of your solution and take pride in delivering what was promised."

Tommi Kangas
Senior Vice President, Connectivity Solutions

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Android Integration Expertise with Leading SoC Suppliers

V2X Connectivity Development

Latest vehicles have multiple radios for different use cases: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi providing local area connectivity for smart devices inside the car; cellular connectivity to cloud services; and connectivity to other vehicles and road infra. Making all these radios work perfectly in the vehicle requires know-how of radio interoperability and expertise to find the best and most cost-efficient design solutions for different radios.

We can help you to develop V2X connectivity solutions that match your needs based on our experience in both design approaches: chipsets and certified modules.

Android Customization and Integration Capability

We are experts in providing tailored and optimized Android based solutions to our customers according to the customer vision. In a typical project there are a number of peripherals and modules that are integrated within the system, and also the system performance is optimized for excellent end-user usability experience.

We have implemented various Android BSB (Board Support Package) software using leading SoC (System on Chip) suppliers and have experience for example of integrating wireless Apple CarPlay, CAN drivers, driver recognition and -tracking. Also, we can help customers to implement enhanced security features like hardened Android OS, hardware backed secure element, tamper detection, and remote attestation.

Secure Vehicle Management and Connectivity

Connected vehicles require remote management and secure connectivity solutions. We can offer and integrate Bittium Secure Suite™ – our commercial back-end solution for secure communications – for vehicle management and connectivity. Bittium Secure Suite includes a secure always-on VPN, vehicle device management solution, over-the-air SW updates, and solutions for alerts and diagnostics, as well as an application library for application management.

Benefits of Choosing Bittium as Your Partner

Over 35 Years of Experience

We have over 35 years of experience from R&D projects for wireless products and solutions in global regulated environments. As world-class experts in radio and antenna technologies, we can provide connectivity for practically any use case.

Trusted Partnership

We adapt our services to meet the needs of your solution and take pride in delivering what was promised. We respect the confidentiality of our relationship.

Proven Android Track Record

As an OEM of secure Android smartphones and a developer of numerous Android based products for customers, we master the Android ecosystem perfectly.

Agile Way of Working

We work in an agile way in all our projects. We are using DevOps and CI approach in our projects for instant feedback to the developers. Our agile culture easily adapts to the customer's processes and way of working.

Comprehensive Expertise

Our specialists provide you with comprehensive expertise from every stage of product development and can support projects starting from an idea up to mass volume markets.

Transparent Way of Working

We work in close cooperation with your team and communicate openly. We solve challenges together to achieve the best possible end result.

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