R&D Services for Automotive

Software development and secure solutions for connected vehicles.

Engineering Partner for Automotive Industry Evolution

We at Bittium accelerate the automotive industry evolution by leveraging our expertise in Android and Linux as well as our over 30-year track record in wireless connectivity. Our high-quality solutions and services for automotive systems help automotive industry suppliers to create secure, reliable, intelligent, and easy-to-use in-vehicle systems with shorter time to market. The goal is to make the driver's experience as comfortable and safe as possible.

We Specialize In

Fully tailored and optimized HMI development with Android Automotive

Android customization and integration capability

Highly secure vehicle management and connectivity

Android Integration Expertise with Leading SoC Suppliers

Android Automotive Reference Design

As proof of our capabilities, we have developed an Android™ Automotive infotainment reference design running on Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ SoC and utilizing Rightware Kanzi UI enrichment for UX personalization. 

The reference design demonstrates e.g. HMI & IVI development, application and fleet management, security & privacy, and connectivity features. One of the unique features included in the design is our own application library for when Android Automotive is used without Google Automotive Services (GAS). It enables remote feature control of the car by enabling, disabling, or forcing different applications in the Android Automotive IVI. See video to learn more.

Android is a product of Google LLC.
Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

Android Customization and Integration Capability Android
Customization and Integration Capability

We are experts in providing tailored and optimized Android based solutions to our customers according to the customer vision. In a typical project there are a number of peripherals and modules that are integrated within the system, and also the system performance is optimized for excellent end-user usability experience.

In our reference design we have integrated wireless Apple Carplay and implemented personalized vehicle experience through driver recognition and driver tracking. Driver tracking includes mood tracking and gaze direction tracking that can be used to customize the HMI accordingly.

Secure Vehicle Management and Connectivity

Connected car requires remote management and secure connectivity solutions. In our solution we have integrated Bittium Secure Suite™ – our commercial secure communication back-end solution - to our reference design for vehicle management and connectivity. Bittium Secure Suite includes secure always-on VPN, vehicle device management solution, OTA solutions for alerts and diagnostics, SW updates over-the-air and application library for application management.

Benefits of Choosing Bittium as Your Partner

Over 35 Years of Experience

We have over 35 years of experience from demanding R&D projects for wireless products and solutions in global regulated environments.

Trusted Partership

We adapt our services to meet the needs of your solution and take pride in delivering what was promised. We respect the confidentiality of our relationship.

Proven Android Track Record

As an OEM of Android secure smartphone family and developer of numerous customer Android based products, we master the Android ecosystem perfectly.

Agile Way of Working

We work in an agile way in all our projects. We are using DevOps and CI approach in our projects for instant feedback to the developers. Our agile culture easily adapts to the customer processes and way of working.

Comprehensive Expertise

Our specialists provide you with comprehensive expertise from every stage of product development and can support projects from an idea up to mass volume markets.

Transparent Way of Working

We work in close cooperation with your team and communicate openly. We solve challenges together to achieve the possible end result.

Bittium is a Member of Rightware's Kanzi Partner Program

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