R&D services for Healthcare and Medical

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R&D services for Healthcare and Medical

Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearable technologies play a significant role in a broad range of healthcare and medical applications such as remote patient monitoring, diagnostics, and emergency care. Wireless sensors collect vital signs from the patient and are transmitted through a wireless network to healthcare professionals and equipment which constantly monitors critical patient data. Healthcare professionals can then act quickly providing needed care, treatment, of medicine administration to patients.

Bittium provides high-quality R&D services for Healthcare and Medical sector. Our offering consists of complete, customized IoT solutions, including end-to-end development services and all components of the solution, such as monitoring devices with sensors and wireless radios, applications, cloud-based services, device management, and maintenance. Bittium´s ability to adapt to a customer´s processes and technologies ensures optimal solutions for time-to-market and expenses. Bittium is certified by the following standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AQAP 2110 ed.3, and Medical Certificate ISO 13485 [Management Systems].

When security is a must

IoT communications are not immune to security threats and end to end security is a critical need, especially in the healthcare sector. Bittium SafeMove® is a security solution that ensures the secure data transfer between sensor devices and cloud services. Information security is ensured through encrypted communications and user authentication.

Bittium's Offering:

  • Design services for medical grade devices and solutions
  • System integration services
  • User specific GUIs and applications
  • Bittium SafeMove® - Security solution for IoT devices
  • Test and Validation Services


Reference Designs

Reference designs significantly improve time-to-market while reducing overall product development costs without compromising the quality. Bittium offers a variety of carefully selected reference designs which include state-of-the-art technology.

Further information about Bittium´s reference designs can be found here

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