Reference designs

Reference designs significantly improve time-to-market while reducing overall product development costs without compromising the quality. Bittium offers a variety of carefully selected reference designs which include state-of-the-art technology.

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Reference designs

Bittium has worked with strategic partners to create reference designs which deliver cost savings to its customers and shorten product development times by up to 50%. Investments of time and resources with key technology suppliers and component manufacturers ensures that Bittium can provide the latest in technology advancements, a superior level of technical support for projects, and access to very competitive component pricing.

Bittium wearable platform for health monitoring

Bittium wearable platform for health monitoring features the Cortex M4-series CPU with Bluetooth Smart radio. It is designed for low to midend wearable devices such as health trackers. The wearable platform enables the customization of unique, purpose built products with optimized BOM, development cost and time-to market.

The wearable platform has a multisensing capability with four integrated sensors by Philips: 3-axis accelerometer, Optical Heart Rate (OHR), skin temperature and EmoGraphy skin conductance sensor. These sensors allow the measurement of person´s stress level, fatigue and sleeping quality.

The wearable platform opens up new opportunities for enterprise, healthcare and wellness domains to develop algorithms and test new healthcare specific applications and services such as remote patient monitoring or professional driving applications.

Technical specifications


Bittium wearable platform (prototype)


Example ID of a possible commercial product based on Bittium wearable platform including all current features.

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