Bittium newsletter - 01/2016

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It is almost a year ago since Elektrobit Wireless changed its name to Bittium. The last year has been very inspiring and successful for us, and to keep you updated on what is going on with our offering, we have established Bittium newsletter to be published once in a quarter.

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Bittium Tough Mobile™ now complemented by Bittium Secure Suite™



Bittium Tough Mobile, secure LTE smartphone targeted for demanding Mobile Security and Public Safety markets, is now complemented by Bittium Secure Suite, the related management system and VPN encryption solution. This unique, complete and reliable system is also the first mobile solution to receive official encryption product classification in Finland.



White paper: NHS community healthcare - Key technical aspects of a successful mobile working project



At Bittium, we have had the privilege to take part in several mobility projects with NHS Trusts. As a conclusion, we wanted to share some details on decisions and actions that were taken in these projects, that we find have contributed to their success.



Meeting the high requirements of the Finnish Defence Forces' tactical communications with Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network™ - A success story that continues



Bittium has worked in cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) to have the Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network (TAC WIN) system to be used as the wireless broadband network in the FDF's M18 command, control and communications system.

In 2011, Bittium and the FDF entered into a delivery contract for the system, and now the system is in series delivery, operational ramp-up phase and training with the FDF. In addition to the system being the core of the FDF's Army's tactical wireless IP network, Bittium TAC WIN is a perfect solution also for all other defense forces requiring a modern way of delivering data across the battlefield.

Download and read the interesting story on why the system was needed by the FDF, how the project was carried out and what the results are.


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