Bittium newsletter - 02/2016

Bittium and Getac partnered to improve productivity, security and user experience for field workers



Bittium and Getac have established a partnership to improve productivity, security and user experience for field workers in the most demanding environments. Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN and Analytics software have been available on all Getac´s rugged tablets and notebooks as an option across Europe from May 2016 onwards. Getac's rugged devices are an excellent choice for professional working in demanding environments, in which also the significance of secure and reliable connectivity are crucial. The partnership with Bittium further enhances Getac's value to customers by adding the key critical area of security.



Bittium SafeMoveŽ Analytics is now available as a standalone software product



Bittium SafeMove Analytics 3.0 software was released in May 2016. This new and updated version of SafeMove Analytics takes the product to an entirely new level. The maps can be scrolled and zoomed seamlessly, and they provide aggregated connectivity information from selected geographical regions. In addition, availability as a standalone software product makes it possible to also sell the product to organizations and enterprises that are not using SafeMove Mobile VPN software.



Bittium TAC WIN™ part of two demonstrations of the first European cross-platform military radio technology



During June 13-17 Bittium exhibited  Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network™ (TAC WIN), Bittium Tactical LTE Access Point™, Bittium Tough VoIP™ product family and Bittium Tough Mobile™ at the Eurosatory defense & security exhibition held in Paris, France. In addition to showcasing the products at the Bittium stand in the Finnish pavilion, the Software Defined Radio based Bittium TAC WIN system was also part of two ESSOR High Data Rate Waveform (HDRWF) interoperability demonstrations, one with the Italian company Leonardo and another with the French company Thales. The ESSOR HDRWF is the first European cross-platform military radio technology for effective joint operations.



evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Solution (eMBMS) for public safety



Bittium and Air-Lynx launched and demonstrated the world's first eMBMS solution for public safety at the Critical Communications World exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The eMBMS solution enables efficient use of LTE radio spectrum, delivering huge amounts of data even in a congested network environment. This is particularly important in public safety, security and other mission-critical communications, which require fast data speeds, low latencies and reliable connections. The eMBMS solution runs on Bittium Tough Mobile devices and Air-Lynx Private LTE network.



Bittium involved in EIT Digital's Fit to Perform innovation initiative



Fit to Perform is an innovation initiative in EIT Digital´s Action Line ‘Digital Wellbeing´. Its objective is to make professional driving safer, healthier and more efficient.

Many of the professional drivers suffer from back pain, obesity, cardio vascular diseases, sleep deprivation and stress. Fit to Perform is tackling this problem by providing professional drivers a smart system with vehicle telematics and wearable technology that provides more information, greater insights and personalised coaching.

Bittium´s responsibility in the project is to develop wearable device targeted for work, healthcare and wellness type of applications. In practice, Bittium is developing an RTOS (real-time operating system) solution to monitor the health of truck drivers and, therefore, contributing to improved road safety. Bittium has integrated the latest sensor technology on the wearable side, which enables measuring sleepiness, fatigue, stress level and sleep quality of the driver.

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