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September 30, 2021

Bittium Expands OmegaSnap™ Product Family with New ECG Electrodes

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Free for publication on September 30, 2021, at 09.00 a.m. (CEST +1)

Bittium Expands OmegaSnap™ Product Family with New ECG Electrodes


New generation of electrodes brings extended level of comfort for long-term ECG measurements

Oulu, Finland, September 30, 2021 – Bittium, a leading specialist for secure communications, connectivity, and medical technology solutions, expands the portfolio of its new generation ECG electrodes. In combination with the Bittium Faros™ ECG device, the new Bittium OmegaSnap™ patch electrodes support one (1-CH), two (2-CH) and three channel (3-CH) ECG measurements. OmegaSnap electrodes have been designed with special emphasis on user comfort and they allow for a patient-friendly way to perform continuous ECG measurements for up to 7 days without the need of changing the electrode. The patch electrodes with excellent anatomical fit and high-quality signal are very comfortable to use. Being disposable, they enable a very hygienic way of performing measurements safely, especially during epidemics.

According to various medical studies, the diagnostic yield in long-term measurements is much higher than in short-term monitoring. There is always a risk that a patient's symptoms will not appear while a short-term screening, which means the physician cannot make an appropriate diagnosis or initiate a suitable treatment. So, an extended recording time of up to 14 days is a necessity for the detection of many arrhythmia symptoms that cannot be identified with 24-h Holter monitoring.1

Until now, long-term monitoring was often uncomfortable for the patients, due to complicated cables and bulky devices, and demanded frequent in-person meetings with the medical personnel to replace the electrodes. This also made the procedure cost intensive. A new generation of ECG devices and easy to apply electrodes, which can be worn up to 7 days even while performing sports activities or taking a shower, makes long-term ECG monitoring much more reliable, cost-effective and convenient for both patients and medical personnel.

Bittium OmegaSnap™ product family:

Bittium OmegaSnap™ 1-CH ECG Electrode (released in January 2021) - Bittium OmegaSnap™ one channel electrode is the most cost-effective, patient compliant and reliable patch electrode for long-term ECG measurements. It is also suitable for HRV applications and for heart monitoring for stroke patients.

Bittium MiniSnap™ Sensitive 1-CH ECG Electrode – Bittium MiniSnap™ Sensitive one channel electrode is the most suitable electrode for 24h ECG measurements on small adults and children.

Bittium OmegaSnap™ 2-CH ECG Electrode – Bittium OmegaSnap™ two channel electrode is the best choice when more than one channel measurement is needed for more comprehensive arrhythmia analysis, while maximizing patient compliance.

Bittium OmegaSnap™ 3-CH ECG Electrode – Bittium OmegaSnap™ three channel electrode is the most patient compliant way to perform traditional three channel measurements. 

Bittium OmegaSnap™ 1-CH Adapter and Bittium OmegaSnap™ Multi-CH Adapter – Bittium OmegaSnap™ ECG electrode and Bittium Faros™ ECG device are connected to each other through the lightweight and discreet Bittium OmegaSnap™ Adapter. The adapter also allows the Faros device to be temporarily detached from the patch electrode when charging, for example. In the case of remote heart monitoring, such as the Bittium HolterPlus™ solution, it significantly enhances the long-term use of the same electrode, thus ensuring that the skin contacts of the attached electrode remain optimal for the measurement to continue. There are two adapter versions available: Bittium OmegaSnap™ 1-CH Adapter is designed for one channel electrodes, and Bittium OmegaSnap™ Multi-CH Adapter is designed for two- and three channel electrodes.

“We are very excited about the new extended OmegaSnap product family. The innovative and user-friendly design for each electrode type allows choosing the optimal set-up based on the patient’s needs,” says Arto Pietilä, Senior Vice President of Bittium Medical Technologies. “In addition, the shape of the electrodes makes them stay well in place, which reduces muscle and motion artifacts that can distort the measured ECG signal. More reliable results equal excellent diagnostic yield.”

For more information, please contact our sales at [email protected] or visit our website at

Please note that Bittium OmegaSnap™ 2-CH ECG Electrode should be used only with Bittium Faros™ 360 devices running firmware version 3.7.2 or later. Faros firmware can be updated with Bittium Faros Manager™ application. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Further information:

Arto Pietilä
Senior Vice President, Medical Technologies
Tel. +358 (0)40 344 3507
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Bittium specializes in the development of reliable, secure communications and connectivity solutions, leveraging its 35-year legacy of expertise in advanced radio communication technologies. Bittium provides innovative products and services, customized solutions based on its product platforms and R&D services. In the field of healthcare technology, Bittium offers solutions for the measurement and monitoring of biosignals in the areas of cardiology, neurophysiology, rehabilitation, occupational health and sports medicine. Net sales in 2020 were EUR 78.4 million and operating profit was EUR 2.1 million. Bittium is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.


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