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March 08, 2021

DGKN Virtual Congress 2021: Bittium Presents Next Generation Continuous EEG Monitoring Solution for Acute and Intensive Care

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Free for release on March 08, 2021 at 1.00 pm (CET +1)

DGKN Virtual Congress 2021: Bittium Presents Next Generation Continuous EEG Monitoring Solution for Acute and Intensive Care

Oulu, Finland, March 8, 2021 – Bittium will join the 65th Congress of the German Society for Clinical Neurophysiology and Functional Imaging (DGKN) on March 10 - 12, 2021. At the virtual conference Bittium presents its next generation continuous EEG (cEEG) monitoring solution for acute and intensive care. The solution, Bittium BrainStatus™ with Cerenion C-Trend�, is a wireless EEG measuring system and analysis tool that has medical device approval for the European Union (EU). Bittium BrainStatus™ EEG device measures and monitors brain EEG signals. With the help of Cerenion C-Trend� analysis, the brain's state is displayed as a simple-to-interpret numeric values by making use of machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. The solution aims to improve care and ease the work of intensive care units' health care staff.

Brain related injuries and dysfunctions cause high costs for the society. Continuous EEG monitoring is an important method for assessing consciousness. It helps detect for example nonconvulsive seizures, subarachnoid hemorrhage, swelling and ischemia in real time.

"Decision making for the treatment and prevention of permanent damage to the health of the patients requires fast and precise recording and evaluation of the brain signals. Nevertheless, brain monitoring in the hospital environment is still considerably restricted due to the challenges in applying the electrodes, technical burden, and complex EEG data analysis", says Arto Pietil�, Senior Vice President of Bittium Medical Technologies. "We have addressed these challenges by designing a fast and easy wireless EEG measurement system. With a quick to wear disposable electrode headband, and together with the integrated C-Trend� analysis, it supports continuous monitoring and allows an at-a-glance view to brain activity over long monitoring periods. The combination of competencies in biosignal analysis and medical technology with mobile technology and artificial intelligence can help to solve challenges that medical professionals have struggled with for a long time", Pietil� continues.

Innovators Symposium

Bittium will have a presentation at the event's Innovators Symposium. The topic is: "Continuous EEG monitoring in ICU using BrainStatus/C-Trend - An example with prognostication after cardiac arrest". The speaker, Jukka Kortelainen, is Adjunct Professor and Academy Research Fellow from Oulu University and the CEO of Cerenion Oy. The presentation will take place on Wednesday, 10th March at 12:30–12:40.

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