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Elektrobit Group Oyj - Changes in JOT Automation Group Plc's Management Executive Team

December 14, 2000

Changes in JOT Automation Group Plc's Management Executive Team

JOT Automation Group Plc's Management Executive Team has been changed.

The Management Executive Team will be chaired by President Teijo Fabritius who is also responsible for the Group's Sales and Marketing. In addition to him, the Management Executive Team will include three Vice Presidents, Mr. Jari Lotvonen, who is responsible for production, Mr. Mika Mämmelä, who is responsible for product development and planning, and Mr. Pertti Tarvainen, who is responsible for financial administration.

Mr. Urpo Laakkonen, who has been responsible for the development of business operations and human resources as Group's Vice President, will move to other tasks within the Group.

The changes carried out will clarify the Group's internal distribution of tasks and render decision making more efficient. At the same time, the focus of strategic planning is directed to the business units working at the customer interface. This will enable more flexible co-operation with customers and promote the adaptation of business operations to the needs of various market areas. The Management Executive Team of the Group will coordinate the strategic operations of the business units.

Mrs. Irma-Liisa Korhonen has been appointed Investor Relations Director. Mrs. Korhonen has previously taken care of similar duties under the title of Investor Relations Manager.

Oulunsalo, December 14, 2000

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