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Elektrobit Group Oyj - JOT Automation Group Plc and Swisslog Holding AG Conclude Agreement of Strategic Cooperation

February 10, 2000

JOT Automation Group Plc and Swisslog Holding AG Conclude Agreement of Strategic Cooperation

JOT Automation Group Plc and Swisslog Holding AG today agreed on a strategic alliance to develop and offer solutions for the management of electronic industry supply chains (Supply Chain Management, SCM). The new operational model will combine production automation and logistics competence to offer electronics industry customers comprehensive solutions and increased competitiveness through improved manufacturing and logistics operations.

' The cooperation agreement provides an excellent opportunity to combine JOT´s electronics industry production automation competence with Swisslog´s Supply Chain Management capabilities. It will allow for deeper integration of JOT´s automation systems with components of the logistics chain,' stated Jorma Terentjeff, CEO of JOT Automation Group Plc. 'This year we will be able to offer solutions to our customers, enabling optimal development and utilization of customers' supply chains supported by automation. JOT's strength in production automation and Swisslog's expertise in logistics management complement each other to a great degree,' added Juhani Anttilla, CEO of Swisslog Holding AG.

Swisslog is an international logistics automation company providing comprehensive solutions for achieving supply chain excellence in a wide range of industries, Headquartered in Buchs/Aarau, Switzerland, Swisslog is a global company, employing approximately 3,300 people in 22 countries. Swisslog's net sales totaled e 451 million (CHF 722.5 million) in 1999. Experts in knowledge management, software and integrated systems solutions, the Swisslog Industry Practice Groups are able to provide their customers with comprehensive industry specific solutions. Swisslog offers intensive consultancy and service support through the entire life time of the logistics systems. Swisslog´s shares are listed on the Swiss Exchange SWX.

JOT Automation Group specializes in manufacturing and marketing production automation for the electronics industry. The group has subsidiaries in eight countries. On September 30, 1999 the group employed 577 people and its net sales from January 1 to September 30, 1999 came to e 75.4 million. The company's shares are listed on the Helsinki Exchange.

Oulunsalo, February 10, 2000

JOT Automation Group Plc
The Board of Directors

Jorma Terentjeff
President, CEO