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Elektrobit Group Oyj - ELEKTROBIT GROUP 20 YEARS

September 02, 2005


Creativity is an important resource for developing business. To celebrate the anniversary, Elektrobit personnel were assigned the task of designing "The Gadget". This reflects the joy of invention and the kind of creative madness that underlies all innovations. The Gadget is also a concrete manifestation of cooperation between different departments and locations. It comprises twenty parts connected by a ball track. The parts were designed and implemented at the company's different sites with no particular restrictions - creativity was allowed to flourish. The Gadget has been assembled into a single entity at the company's headquarters and will be presented to the personnel in connection with the 20th anniversary celebrations at Rovaniemi on Friday night.
In addition to The Gadget, the expertise of our personnel will also be demonstrated at the party by an exhibition called "Creative Side of Me", in which the exhibits are created by staff members in their leisure time. The exhibits include oil paintings, photographs, a wedding dress, jewellery, ceramics, etc.
In 20 years, Elektrobit has grown into a global business operating in 15 countries. The Group currently employs some 1,600 people, of which 1,100 are product development engineers.
Oulunsalo, 2 September 2005
Elektrobit Group Plc.

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