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Success Stories

Avaa/sulje osio Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust

Automatic and reliable connectivity for external clinics significantly improves efficiency at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust

As one of the UK´s leading cancer centres, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre delivers 300 external clinics per week at 17 different hospital locations across Merseyside and Cheshire. By implementing Bittium SafeMove® secure remote access software, care workers now have more reliable and seamless access from mobile devices to their internal systems and digitised case-notes. The service, which has been well received by clinical and corporate staff alike, allows clinicians to simply and reliably record real-time information at the point-of-care leading to a significant improvement in efficiency.


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Avaa/sulje osio Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

NHS Rotherham Foundation Trust

Improving patient care with Bittium SafeMove® – Secure, seamless connectivity for mobile care workers

Bittium SafeMove® Mobile Virtual Private Network (MVPN) was chosen as the official secure remote access solution by The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust in 2012 to provide single secure sign-on and automated connectivity. The Bittium SafeMove® solution allows improved patient care by removing the complexity of accessing clinical systems remotely and by improving the behaviour of these applications in situations of poor or intermittent connectivity.


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Avaa/sulje osio Thames Water

Bittium SafeMove Boosts Online Connectivity and Productivity of 2,000 Field Service Engineers

Thames Water selected Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN solution as a part of larger workforce optimisation project to provide reliable and secure communications for 2,000 field-based personnel equipped with laptops and Ultra Mobile PCs. Specifically designed for the unique needs of mobile working, Bittium SafeMove is the connectivity enabler which ensures that jobs are dispatched swiftly and reliably to the engineers.


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Avaa/sulje osio UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks significantly boosts field worker productivity with Bittium SafeMove®

Thousands of UK Power Networks engineers, who maintain and run the electricity network for 8.1 million homes and businesses in London, the South East and East Anglia using mobile data networks for connectivity, are now enjoying 95% connectivity in the field thanks to a pioneering Mobile Improvement Programme and Bittium SafeMove® remote access and connectivity Analytics software.


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Avaa/sulje osio Helsinki City Rescue

Automating Secure Data Access from Emergency Vehicles

Bittium’s SafeMove Mobile VPN solution has been installed in the City of Helsinki’s first responders since 2006. Permanent availability, system reliability and ease of use have been the major benefits of Bittium SafeMove, which has brought confidence to the performance of day to day emergency operations.


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Avaa/sulje osio VR - Finnish Rail

VR Group Enhances Mobile Work with Bittium SafeMove Service

Finnish Transportation Provider VR Group acquired Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN solution in 2010 to increase productivity of its mobile workers. Bittium provides Bittium SafeMove as a Service for VR, which makes it an extremely easy to use and hassle-free remote working solution for both users and the IT department alike.


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