Webinar on Ultra Secure Mobile Communications

When national security cannot be compromised – How NATO and national authorities can successfully combat security threats in mobile communications

In this digital age, security of mobile communications is a concern for anyone using smartphones, but most of all for authorities who are safeguarding national secrets. In this webinar, we dive into the myriad of threats faced by authorities and how to mitigate them with ultra secure and certified, yet easy-to-use and customizable, solutions. Additionally, gain insight into a real-world case illustrating how the solutions have successfully fortified organizations against these very threats.

After the webinar you will know

  • The current threat landscape
  • How to mitigate the threats with ultra secure and certified communication solutions
  • How Bittium and Fox Crypto together solved the challenges faced by their customer

Webinar was held live on June 13, 2024.

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Bittium: Niko Keskitalo, Product Manager, Security

The webinar is lead by Bittium, a trusted Finnish supplier of ultra secure mobile communication solutions. Product manager and security expert Niko Keskitalo shares valuable insights into the threats faced in mobile communications and how national authorities can safeguard their confidential data and communications with security certified and easy-to-use and manage solutions made in Finland.

Fox Crypto: Jurjen Braakhekke, Product Manager Partner Products

Webinar is joined by Jurjen Braakhekke, Product Manager Partner Products at Fox Crypto. He brings his expertise on the mobile security challenges of Dutch government and authorities, and shares key solution elements of a recent deployment of secure smartphones and communication solutions by Bittium and Fox Crypto.

Fox Crypto is a 100% Dutch B.V. and a separate division of Fox-IT. They are known for uncompromising security when it comes to protecting highly classified information and the integrity of data. For 20 years, they have been entrusted with the protection of state secrets, among other things.