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Employees from Bittium share their expertise and views on technology, our ways of working and thoughts about current topics in the world related to our business. 

NeurOne Digital Out – Three Essential Features for Real-time Analysis

Real-time analysis of EEG signals is a topic I have encountered very often when communicating with our customers and EEG researchers all over the world during the last years. In this blog, I list three essential features for a real-time system, and all of them are available in our NeurOne EEG system. These features are the basis of a real-time system and give you a reliable data provider environment.

Identifying and Averting Security Threats to Android™ Automotive Based Systems

Connected car systems are increasingly becoming one of the decisive purchasing criteria for buyers. According to German industry association Bitkom, systems such as driver assistance and other digital services, are now more important to many consumers than engine performance or brands. This opens up a huge market potential for system designers and OEMs.

Mobile Communications For Public Safety

Public security organizations need to be aware of the risks they face, but also know that there are options that can fit their specific secure communications needs. The tools are at hand and it is time for them to be implemented if the confidentiality of official communications is really to be strengthened.

Easy and Comfortable Long-term ECG from Your Nearest Pharmacy

A brilliant example of our Bittium Faros™ ECG monitoring solution's innovative use is the service model of Italian healthcare service specialist ActiveAction. They identified pharmacies as ideal partners to provide patients with personal support via their trusted medical go-to contact while avoiding clinic visits with long waiting times.

7 Key Challenges in Medical Device Design and How to Solve Them

The landscape of medical device development is shifting rapidly. The medical device sector has established itself as an integral part of the health care industry, as advanced medical device technologies have proven to deliver tangible benefits such as enabling vital sign monitoring, reduced patient recovery time, and new services.

Remote Monitoring Made Easy

Healthcare systems are under strain throughout Europe. We are seeing an explosion in costs, a shortage of skilled workers and physicians while, at the same time, facing an ageing population. However, with intelligent use of new technologies and service models healthcare providers can help improve patient care and support the healthcare system.

Building the Future of Software Defined Tactical Communications

Have you ever wondered how Bittium has become a prominent global player in software defined tactical communications and networking? And how we work towards the future? In order to understand what led us here and what we are dedicated to achieve, we need to start by taking a look back.

"We Have a Delivery for You" - ECG On Demand as a Mail-Order Service

Our Medical Technology team puts in long hours of hard work and passion to develop products that help tackle healthcare challenges. The most satisfying reward for us as developers is to see how these products have actually helped to create new services that make the patient’s life easier and safer.

Rethinking the Production Testing of IoT Devices

Our experience with the automated software framework approach has been overwhelmingly positive. It has proven to be very useful especially in IoT device production testing where efficiency and cost savings are important, both for us and our customers.

Memoirs of a Security Tester

I have had the pleasure of working at Bittium for five years and most of the time I have been involved in security testing of Bittium Tough Mobile product family. In this blog I will shed some light on my thoughts and experiences along the journey.

Improving Driving Experience and Safety Through Human-Car Interaction with Cognitive AI

What might have sounded like science fiction only a few years ago has already become partially reality with biometrical driver recognition systems. The opportunities for additional applications however open a growth market with a huge potential for car system manufacturers and OEMs.

Mobile Security During and After the Global Health Crisis

The sanitary crisis caused by COVID-19 is re-shaping the personal and social landscape across the world. Mobile communications have been the most used tools during the pandemic, stressing all sorts of telecommunications platforms. Thousands of companies have switched to remote work and it is possible that a good part of the work force stays in that way for good. The question is: are organizations ready for long-term remote operations with employees using tablets and smartphones without baseline security?

Bittium BrainStatus™ Helps Solving Challenges in Neurological Emergency, Acute and Intensive Care Medicine

Neurological emergency medicine, alongside surgery and internal medicine, has become the third most important area in hospital emergency admission. According to the World Health Organization, 15 million people suffer a stroke worldwide each year.

COVID-19: Bittium Faros Echoes Its Name as a Cardiac Lighthouse Through Mail ECG Service

The on-set of COVID-19 brought untold challenges. A need to practice social distancing and remote working required that healthcare professionals needed to rethink how they executed their task. For those in cardiac diagnostics sector where applying ECG devices in most cases required personal contact, a lot of these planned diagnoses had to be postponed.

Bittium with Kanzi: Strengthening OEM brand with UX design

Millions of vehicles will be powered by Android Automotive OS in the coming years. The entry of Android-enabled services in vehicles is opening many new opportunities for OEMs to enrich their service and customer experience offering. Android OS units can be updated over-the-air (OTA), keeping infotainment systems and applications up-to-date even as the car ages. The users and also the OEMs will benefit from the fact that new services are always available.