Social responsibility

Responsible operations 

The starting points for responsible operations within Bittium are the company's vision, purpose, values, and guiding principles. Bittium bears its responsibilities as a part of society wherever it operates. Because the success of a business is essentially based on the success of the surrounding society, Bittium is involved in the development of society in an appropriate role and task. Among other things, social responsibility is based on the principles of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), SA8000 (Social accountability) and electronics industry code of conduct among other standards or principles.

 Interaction with interest groups 

The crucial task of a business is to provide financial well being for its interest groups. At best, businesses and the public sector pursue common good by open co-operation based on partnership and mutual respect. 

The customer is the most important external interest group. One of the starting points for operational development in Bittium is the development of customer satisfaction. We measure customer satisfaction in projects by means of customer surveys. Feedback received from customers has been taken into account in the company's development operations.

Social responsibility, investments in training and competence development 

Bittium wants to have a reputation for top know-how and hard-working, motivated personnel. This can be achieved by creating the prerequisites for self-development, offering modern tools for our experts, and strengthening the core competencies in a planned way.

Top results are expected from our personnel. At the same time, we care for and support the development of comprehensive life management for every-one. We also co-operate with local universities and educational institutions in different parts of the world. At its best, involvement in joint development projects will improve both global and local co-operation, as well as the competence of employees. 

Job satisfaction is measured annually by means of the personnel survey. The results of the survey are analyzed in workgroups. Annual performance appraisal discussions serve as one of the starting points for competence development as well. We also develop our compensation systems to observe global and local requirements. 

Environmental responsibility 

Environmental responsibility derives from Bittium's guiding principles for operation and the applied principles of sustainable development. The environmental management system supports the realization of environmental responsibility and is a part of our management system. 

The fundamental principles to be observed have included corporate citizenship in line with our values, as well as monitoring laws and regulations. We also encourage our suppliers and partners to implement environmental management systems. 

The Corporation's environmental management system was certified in accordance with ISO14001 originally October 2002. The certification was later updated to ISO14001:2004 and extended to cover the design operations and product life-cycle management of defined businesses. Design For Environment (DFE) methods and operations in accordance with the RoHS (use of hazardous substances) and WEEE (recycling of electrical and electronic equipment) directives have been developed since 2004 and will be continued as importance of environmental requirements is constantly growing.