Bittium SafeMove Zone

Improving the Safety of Lone and Remote Workers

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Bittium SafeMove® Zone

Bittium SafeMove® Zone is a worker protection software solution designed to help organizations improve the safety of their lone and remote workers by monitoring their location and vital signs in real-time. The solution allows proactive, reactive and emergency support for employees whenever needed, mitigating the risks that arise when working alone and in potentially hostile environments.

Being aware of your mobile employee´s high stress level, fatigue, unexpected immobility, sudden fall, or unexpected location allows you to arrange help in case of emergency or make changes to the manpower in the field when needed. The Bittium SafeMove® Zone solution features include location tracking, geofencing, emergency button and acknowledgment requests and confirmations. The device management and analytics tools enable the secure collection, transfer and analysis of sensor based data. The real-time situational view is displayed on a map-based user interface at the command and control center.

The Bittium SafeMove® Zone solution is initially available for Android devices and can be complemented with wearable devices for additional sensor data.

Solution Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive Real-Time Analytics - Improves real-time situational awareness in the command and control center
  • Configurable Emergency Button - Allows mobile workers to raise alerts in case of emergency
  • Bittium Secure Suite Push Service - Efficient two way low latency messaging and data transfer
  • Proactive Monitoring Of Mobile Worker Location And Vital Signs - Significant improvement in mobile worker safety
  • Easy To Use Web Dashboard With Responsive Map-Based UI - Improved control room awareness of employee status
  • Integrated With Wearable Device Platform - Can be complemented with a wearable device for additional sensor support

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