IoT & Wearable   Solutions for Industrial market

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IoT & Wearable Solutions for Industrial market

Bittium provides complete IoT solutions for the industrial enterprise market. Bittium's comprehensive service offering includes cloud integration, data analysis, real-time visualization, security solutions, and IoT-enabled product development.

Bittium is a recognized design house for IoT solutions which are developed in conjunction with its customers. Bittium offers end-to-end development services with the capability to deliver all necessary components of the solution including devices with sensors and wireless radios, applications, cloud-based services and maintenance.

Bittium's agile working method and deep experience in developing both telecom infrastructure and industrial products provide significant business value for its customers. When combined with a customer's industry specific knowledge, Bittium is able to offer industrial enterprises a fast way to broaden their product offering in the IoT market and to achieve cost savings in business operations.

When there is a need to secure all communications in an IoT-based system, Bittium can provide its SafeMove product portfolio which includes both mobile VPN and MDM solutions.

Contact us and let our experts to develop IoT solution for you.

Bittium's offering:

  • Cloud solutions and integration services
  • IoT-enabled product development
  • Bittium SafeMove® - Security solution for IoT devices
  • Improved User Experience and Data Visualization
  • Consultation for data collection, real-time visualization, and analysis
  • Consultation for Network management software development
  • Use-case driven IoT platform optimization

Reference Designs

Reference designs significantly improve time-to-market while reducing overall product development costs without compromising the quality. Bittium offers a variety of carefully selected reference designs which include state-of-the-art technology.

Further information about Bittium´s reference designs can be found here