IoT & Wearable Solutions for Enterprise market

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IoT & Wearables Solutions for Enterprise market

The growth of the wearable devices market is opening many interesting possibilities to enterprises regardless of the industry. Wearable devices, such as smart watches, have many advantages compared to smart phones. They are more personal, improving both the work efficiency and safety. Moreover, a sensor hub, within a smart watch, is able to collect vital signs such as stress, vitality or activity levels of the person wearing the device on the wrist. This is not possible with smart phones currently in the market.

IoT and wearable technologies have enabled the connection between businesses and employees, providing them with tools to make workplaces more efficient and safe. As the market evolves, there comes a need to ensure privacy when personal data is being transmitted. Bittium SafeMove is capable of encrypting all data, making it accessible only by authorized parties such as healthcare professionals. Each solution is designed to increase work related performance and bring cost savings to the customer in question.

The Bittium Smart Watch Reference Design is unique in the market due to the versatile feature set and customizable design, which makes it a perfect solution for healthcare, retail or logistics markets. It offers hands-free, voice controlled access to critical data, based on silent alarms, while the connected worker is multi-tasking.

Bittium´s Offering:

  • Connected wearable devices and connectivity gateway platforms and reference devices
  • Connected wearable devices and connectivity gateway design services
  • Cloud based design services
  • Applications e.g. iOS, Android,
  • System integration services

Concept examples:

Concept example: Improving efficiency, security and service quality in retail markets


Concept example, retail:

Concept example: Improving efficiency, security and service quality in retail markets


Wearable technologies provide many new opportunities in the enterprise industry. Bittium's concept example of the Enterprise wearable solution is a perfect match for retail markets, making inventory management faster and easier, enabling silent calls and notifications to improve efficiency while allowing a worker to have both hands free to perform other tasks.

Bittium's comprehensive service offering consists of complete, customized IoT solutions, including end-to-end development services and all components of the solution, such as devices with sensors and wireless radios, applications, cloud-based services, device management and maintenance. Solutions are based on appropriate device platforms, which can be easily customized according to customer needs and industry-specific requirements.

Reference Designs

Reference designs significantly improve time-to-market while reducing overall product development costs without compromising the quality. Bittium offers a variety of carefully selected reference designs which include state-of-the-art technology.

Further information about Bittium´s reference designs can be found here