DevOps services

Bittium provides DevOps services for companies that are seeking to increase the speed, quality and transparency of their own product development.

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DevOps services

Bittium designs world class connectivity solutions by utilizing DevOps methods. Bittium´s unique value is DevOps for embedded software development systems.

DevOps is a modern way of working that combines different organizations, cultures, processes, and tools across the entire software delivery lifecycle in order to increase the efficiency of software development. In practice it means automating the product development to the greatest degree possible and cooperation across different operational areas for reaching the set objectives. DevOps development is conducted by utilizing agile software development methods like Agile, Lean and SAFe.

DevOps benefits:

The benefits of DevOps services for different stakeholders are: increased speed, better software product quality, finding software defects in time, better communication and better maintainability. DevOps enables many improvements, such as improved metrics and different dashboard views to show exact info to every stakeholder of the project.


Consultation phases:

Bittium consultation starts with analysis phase of current development system and is realized in improvements, operations and maintenance phases.


  • Analyze: Analysis of the current situation and customer  specific goals
    Outcome:  Recommendations to improve development cycle
  • Improve: Fine-tune current or build up new
    Outcome: Improved system, tools, practices and processes from Bittium specialists
  • Operate: Operate with the new model
    Outcome: High operability with Bittium DevOps developers
  • Maintain: Maintain the whole cycle
    Outcome: Full scale maintain from Bittium DevOps developers