Public safety & security

Bittium provides secure communication solutions for public safety & security, defense and other authorities markets. Bittium's product portfolio covers information secure device solutions with the protection of data communications.

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Bittium Tough Mobile -
LTE Smartphone for public safety & security

Bittium offers the Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone, designed and built for demanding Mobile Security and Public Safety needs. Bittium Tough Mobile combines the latest commercial device technologies with mobile security and public safety requirements resulting in a sophisticated, but durable smartphone.

The Bittium Tough Mobile is packed with innovative features tailored for professional users like government agencies, authorities, first responders and other professionals with critical and secure communication needs. Built on the Bittium Special Device Platform, its unique mechanical structure combines extreme durability with modern and sophisticated smartphone look-and-feel.

Bittium Tough Mobile together with Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN remote access solution provides always-on, secure and seamless mobility.

Bittium Tough Mobile C -
The most secure smartphone based solution

Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone combined with Bittium Secure Suite back-end system form Bittium Tough Mobile C, a mobile solution with the highest level of security for processing and transmission of confidential, classified information.

The Android-based Tough Mobile C provides ultimate flexibility for the end-user by providing two operating system profiles (dual-OS). This means that the same device can be used in both "on duty" and "off duty" domains.

Bittium Secure Suite -
The infrastructure you can trust

Bittium Secure Suite is the perfect complement to the Tough Mobile smartphone hardware: A device and server side software solution that enables the unique Tough Mobile features through a set of scalable services, designed from the ground up to earn your trust. All services can either be securely hosted by a trusted operator, or be operated under your control on your secure premises, without requiring Internet connectivity or trust in third parties or cloud services.

Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN

Connectivity and reliability of cellular networks is a real challenge, especially in rural areas. Sometimes continuous access is a must also on the move, for example in emergency situations. The Bittium SafeMove solutions ensure uninterrupted connectivity even on moving applications, such as Public Safety and Security (PSS) vehicles.

Bittium SafeMove offers an unparalleled user experience with genuine "zero-click connectivity" together with strong security. The emergency teams are automatically connected to the best available fixed or wireless network with no manual intervention. A key feature of Bittium SafeMove is seamless roaming from one network to another so active application sessions are maintained as devices switch networks or during gaps in coverage.

Mobile satellite communications

Many businesses, governmental organizations and individuals require secure and reliable means for communicating in remote locations and challenging environments. To be able to communicate effectively, there is a need to connect to both terrestrial and satellite networks.

Bittium applies its over 30 years of experience from advanced radio communication technologies and wireless device development to development of hybrid mobile user terminals for next-generation, IP-based satellite and terrestrial networks. 

References from the MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) market include for example the world's first satellite/3G smartphone (2009), the first satellite/4G smartphones for Mexsat programme (2017), MIMO HW satellite antenna demonstrator (2010), Satellite/WiFi Broadcast Module (2008), and several others, including research projects with European Space Agency and NASA.

Questions? Contact us!