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Improving NHS Community Nursing with Mobile Technology - Recommendations for Success

Digitalization has the potential to revolutionize the health service and the introduction of technology including mobile devices using wireless networks in a community setting promises to greatly improve how services are provided. The introduction of mobile technology to community nursing however is not without its challenges.

Pointing Out the Barriers

A recent report by the Queens Nursing Institute (QNI) published in April 2018 entitled "Nursing in the Digital Age – Using technology to support patients in the home" surveyed 534 community health professionals to find out how they are responding to the new digital agenda. Whilst recognizing the potential advantages of digitalization, community nurses were also keen to point out the barriers to adoption, highlighting that the systems they are using have not generally been tailored for community nursing; and that poor connectivity results in mobile applications behaving unreliably or not at all.


Recommendations for Success

Based on Bittium's real world experience serving as a wireless network specialist and connectivity software provider for the NHS, and in particular the successful implementation of mobile technology for several community care teams at Trusts throughout the UK, we have put together a white paper, that outlines some key technical considerations that are crucial to the success of mobile working projects in the NHS and provides some recommendations for success.

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